How to Beat the House Edge at Roulette


If you’ve never played the casino game of Roulette, you should know that the name of the game comes from the French word for “little wheel” and likely originated from the Italian Biribi. The origins of Roullete are obscure, but the game has become one of the most popular in Europe and is widely played in casinos today. The French Revolution banned gambling in France, but the game persisted among Italians. As a result, the game became popular around the world and is still played today.


If you are looking for ways to beat the house at Roulette, you are not alone. Throughout the years, many people have tried to devise systems that will reduce the house’s edge. Most of these strategies, however, rely on betting systems that use the gambler’s fallacy: past results don’t always predict the future. For instance, you can’t use the number of winning numbers to predict your next bet. In addition, the roulette wheel’s payouts depend on the order of the numbers.

While playing Roulette online, you can find many variations and types of bets. For instance, one popular variation is ‘Chip Bomb’, which involves placing a bet on a specific number and its surrounding numbers. Virtual Roulette games also have the ability to save your own betting patterns. This way, you can keep playing and winning consistently. However, be aware that the betting limits in each game can differ. It is also important to note that you should always remember the betting limits before you start placing bets.

There are two kinds of perimeter bets. These are based on groups of numbers, colors, or specific numbers. For example, you can bet on red or black numbers for an even money bet. However, the casino’s edge is lower when you bet on odd numbers, as 0 and 00 are neither red nor black. If you’re traveling to Vegas to play Roulette, you can bet on any number, but make sure to bet on even numbers and odds.

There are many types of limits for Roulette. The maximum and minimum bets in a single game vary according to the casino’s progressive betting model. The maximum bet at a given table is usually around $1,000 for a 35-to-1 straight up, but you may find a casino that allows you to place full-on bets for less than the straight-up maximum bet. At $25 per piece, that would be a thousand-dollar bet.

Moreover, in some countries, roulette games use the French wheel. While there are few French wheels in the United States, they are widely used in high-limit rooms. Usually, these wheels carry larger minimum bets than the American ones. So, if you’re looking for a French roulette game, make sure to check out one that has the French wheel. If you want to bet on the black wheel, you should consider using the French one instead.