MMA Betting Basics

mma betting

When it comes to MMA betting, you can choose between three basic types of bets. These are the moneyline, totals, and parlays. You can also place bets on a MMA matchup based on its outcome. Before you start betting on MMA matches, you should learn as much as possible about the sport. There are plenty of forums and subreddits on the Internet that are full of useful information.

MMA betting is a moneyline bet

Moneyline betting is the most common bet in MMA. It requires predicting which fighter will win the match. This type of bet is very popular and easy to understand. Moneyline bets are available on all MMA events.

It is based on 100

Odds for MMMA championship fights are based on 100 points, and unlike other MMA bouts, they don’t vary that much. The main differences are the method of winning, total rounds, and moneyline win/loss bets.

It is a parlay bet

Parlay betting is a way to make more money in MMA betting. It involves placing multiple bets on the same event. It is a better strategy than placing a single bet, but the risks are higher. You must be certain to pick all of the correct outcomes in a parlay.

It is a totals bet

When you bet on an MMMA fight, you will usually place a totals bet. This way, you’ll know the number of rounds a fight will last. You can also place an under or over bet based on which fighter you think will win. For example, you might bet that a fighter will win the first round, but bet that he won’t win the second. If you bet on a championship fight, you’ll probably want to bet on the fight ending in round three.

It is a round bet

In MMA betting, you can place a round bet on the number of rounds in a fight. Rounds are five minutes long and include a one-minute rest period in between. Over/under wagers are also available. You can also place a wager on the length of the fight if you think the fight will be less than 17 minutes long.

It is an over/under bet

In MMMA betting, over/under bets are made on the number of rounds a fight will last. Normally, a fight will last three rounds. However, some fights will last as much as five rounds, and the bookmakers take this into account. Each round is usually five minutes long.