Types of Games Available at a Live Casino

Live casinos have a variety of advantages over regular internet casinos. Players can enjoy slow-paced bets as well as exhilarating bets. They can enjoy the feeling of being a rock star or James Bond, and enjoy the setting of a real casino. This article will explain the types of games that are available at a live casino.

Equipment used in a live casino shoot

For live casino shoots, there is an abundance of equipment required. Special studios or venues located in actual casinos are often used. These venues are fitted with real casino equipment, including card tables, roulette wheels, shuffle machines, and more. Some studios even feature speed roulette games, while others simply use normal roulette tables.

A live casino shoot also requires a good internet connection. The studios shoot around the clock. Dealers are usually on duty in shifts. Equipment used in a live casino shoot is highly specialized. Optical camera recognition technology records key actions that take place in the gaming room. The equipment is also capable of providing high-resolution content.